Arthur Peder William Fristad

Arthur Peder William Fristad was born 19 November 1891, in Bergen, Norway. His parents were Johann Johanneson Fristad and Marta Malene Kristensen. His father Johann was a "Politikonstabel" in the city of Bergen, serving in that capacity for at least twelve years. Arthur was the second of six children the Fristad parents had while living in Norway. These children included Sverre Leonhard (1888), Hilda Ragna Sofie (1892), Alf Birger (1894), Agnes Marie (1896), and Solveg Wilhelmine (1899).

In 1903, Arthur's father moved to Brooklyn, New York, to work as a machinist there. (Conjecture follows: Family lore claims Johann was a Naval Ordinance Expert, loaned by the Norwegian Government to teach the United States Navy how to install and use torpedoes.) He returned to Bergen briefly in October of 1904, then returned to New York City 13 Dec, 1904. Arthur and the rest of the Fristad family left Bergen in 8 Sept 1905 on the USS United States from Christianssand, arriving 18 Sept 1905 at Ellis Island. Johann and his family lived in Brooklyn for the next five years, during which time Alma (1907) was added to the family flock. Around 1910 the family returned to Norway - with the exception of Arthur Peder William. In his late teens, Arthur had become involved with work in the United States as well as valued friendships. He chose to make America his home and in due course became a naturalized citizen.

It was while employed in the news-printing business in Brooklyn that his hand became severely injured in a printing press accident. Refusing to accept the fact that his right hand would be permanently useless, he went to western Pennsylvania to visit his cousin Oscar, who was working on a farm near Erie Pennsylvania. Through constant exercise and manipulation, the hand was restored to its full usefulness. During his visit to his cousin, he met a very attractive young lady from a neighboring farm - a very young lady of fifteen summers - whose name was Hazel Julia Butler. They became good friends.

In about 1910 or 1911 Hazel's only brother, Rollo, developed cancer. Little was known of this dread disease in those days and after the loss of an eye, the Butlers were advised by their physician to take their only son Rollo to California where the mild sunny climate might do wonders for him. Leaving the farm near Erie, Pennsylvania in the care of Cecil Drown, a cousin, the Butler family moved to Riverside California. They bought a large two story farmhouse at the southern edge of Riverside and made it their home as long as they lived.

Prompted by loneliness and the thought of a 3000 mile separation from his beloved Hazel, Arthur took advantage of the recently completed cross-country railway and followed the Butler family to California. In January 1914 Arthur Peder William Fristad and Hazel Julia Butler were married. In due course five children were born to them; Solveig in 1914 was named for Arthur's sister Solveig in Norway. In July of 1915 they welcomed their first son, Rollo Arthur Fristad, named for Hazel's brother and his own father Arthur. In November of 1917 they welcomed a second son, Alf Birger William Fristad - named Arthur's brother who had just given his life fighting with the British from Canada in the early days of World War I. In 1919 a second daughter, Wilhelmina Rose arrived and was named for a friend of Uncle Rollo's and Wilhelmina for Arthur's mother in Norway. The youngest member of the family put in his appearance in 1925 and named him John William. Plagued from time to time with frail health, the Arthur family was forced to return to the parental home a number of times in order to regain their equilibrium.

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